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Accountflow integrates directly to your ERP & Accounting solutions.

PowerOffice Go, Xledger, Tripeltex, 24Seven Office +++

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"Smartomation" Smart + Automation

Transactions are directly transferred from your accounting software to our system, drastically enhancing precision and speed.

Cryptographic differentiation automatically identifies differences and changes in datasets & databases. This increases quality and compliance of your company’s accounting.


We support SAF-T and GDPR compliance (EU-directive) ensuring improved communication to governments and strengthened privacy for users. These will be requirements in the future, so we implemented them today, for your safety.

Easy to use

Accountflow is tailored for accounting and business professionals to help increase efficiency. Use less time than ever on reconciling your first accounts. We believe our intuitive system-design will require little training and education to get started.


Drill down to account- and transaction-level per company or per employee. Detailed progression overview motivates leaders and employees to process a higher volume of data per day, further increasing your company's efficiency.


It’s never been easier taking the first step towards the future of accounting.

Why not take that "first step" today? We're here for you.