Things you didn't know about accounting

Daniel and Silvija discuss future accounts

In this podcast, we take a look back to when Accountflow was a brand new company. Daniel guested Silvija Seres Lørn Tech podcast where they discuss the future of accounting, accountants and Accountflow's place in this space.

Article originally published in Lørn Tech:


Who are you and how did you become interested in accountingtech?

I began as an accountant many years ago and was completely shocked by how old-fashioned and manual the work is. Since then I have worked in the accounting industry (Amesto and KPMG) to streamline all imaginable processes through innovation and technology.

What do you do at work?

Streamline and automate, as well as have fun.

What are the most important concepts in accounting tech?

Automation, interaction and compliance.

Why is it exciting?

Accounting: There is a lot going on in this space; it moves fast and everyone is told to innovate, but it is not always clear what to do. We would like to help these companies choose the right business partner.

Development: How open source has given us the ability to buy data-power. It gives everyone the opportunity to produce their own applications.

ERP: With the launch of larger cloud environments, it is now even easier to set up a cluster of mini-services. Accountflow is one of these.

What do you think are the most interesting controversies?

How large companies set out for innovation, but when the opportunities present themselves they are slowed down by either gatekeepers or bureaucracy.

Your own projects within accounting tech?

Accountflow, but also helping accounting professionals make the right choices within the space.

Your other favorite examples of accounting tech internationally and nationally?

Bilagos/Semine, Luca Labs, LucidTech and Folio in Norway. Blackline Silverfish, Zero and Kashflow internationally.

How do you usually explain accounting-tech?

It is about innovation and automation within previously manual processes, and the evolution/appearance of the modern accountant.

What do we do uniquely well in Norway from this?

Norway is far ahead of many countries when it comes to reporting to the authorities, for example Altinn, the A-message and SAF-T which are just around the corner. In the US they are now fighting to get an automatic tax calculation. We have had this for many years.

A future quote?

Many of the companies that do not innovate, automate or change their business model will not be here in 5 years.

Most important point about accountingtech from our conversation?

The industry is changing. There is a lot of innovation and changes in the law that facilitate the state to have more insight and control over what must be reported. Reconciliation is something that has always existed in the accounting profession, but there has always been a greater cost associated with this. We want to give reconciliatons back to the people.